1000kg/hr LDPE HDPE Film Recycling Granulation Pelletizing Line
1000kg/hr LDPE HDPE Film Recycling Granulation Pelletizing Line
1000kg/hr LDPE HDPE Film Recycling Granulation Pelletizing Line
1000kg/hr LDPE HDPE Film Recycling Granulation Pelletizing Line
1000kg/hr LDPE HDPE Film Recycling Granulation Pelletizing Line

1000kg/hr LDPE HDPE Film Recycling Granulation Pelletizing Line

RCSJ LDPE HDPE Film Die Face Cutting Granulation Pelletizing Line. Professional manufacturer for plastic recycling machines,PET bottle washing line, PP PE film compactor recycling machines,plastic PE PP PS ABS PET PC LD LLD HD BOPP film granulating line.

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Product Description

Our LDPE HDPE LLDPE Film Recycling Pelletizing Line is design to reprocessing waste plastic like post consumer LDPE film,PP woven bag,PP non woven fabric,PS EPS foam,etc. AdoptIing latest 3 in 1 compacting-extruding-cutting technology design.It will cutting,heating and agglomeration film in first time. Single or double stage pelletizing system with vacuum degassing vent could melt the material and discharge moisture or gas. Self cleaning automatic filter screen is a good choice to save labor cost. Two times filtration will get the best quality granules. Die face cutting system with horizontal or vertical water ring cutting way. In the end,you will get clean,dry,strong pellets for next step like film blowing,injection,etc applications.

The final granules are uniform good looking after processing by our Compactor Integrated Plastic PE Film PP Woven Bag Recycling Pelletizing Line.

We are a manufacturer specialize in plastic recycling equipment, we provide professional customized plastic recycling solutions. We can design PE film PP woven bags and recycling granulation lines according to your specific demand,all the recycling machinery has been debugged , you can use our LD LLD HD-PE film recycling machines with confidence.


PE agriculture film,LLDPE stretch film,PP Woven Bag,Washed PP Jumbo Bag Scrap,PP Non Woven Fabric,Other Soft Plastic Like PE OPP CPP BOPP film,PS foam,PP Raffia Recycling,etc.
Material shapes: film, bag, (PE, PP) regrind
Material types: rolls, loose, bundled

LDPE Agriculture Film

LLDPE wrapping film

PP woven bag

PP non woven fabric raffia

After process

After process

After process

After process


Model Screw Dia L/D PE (kg/h) PP (kg/h)
RCDJ85 85mm 33 180-220 160-200
RCSJ85/100 85/100mm 33:12
RCDJ100 100mm 33 260 - 320 220-280
RCSJ100/120 100/120mm 33:12
RCDJ130 130mm 33 450-550 360-420
RCSJ130/150 130/150mm 33:12
RCDJ160 160mm 30 650-750 500-600
RCSJ160/180 160/180mm 30:10
RCDJ180 180mm 28 800-1000 650-800
RCSJ180/200 180/200mm 28:10

Recycling Process

PE Film PP Woven Bag Recycling Pelletizing Line Workflow:
PE PP film → Belt Conveyor → Compactor → Mother Extruder → Hydraulic Screen Changer → Baby Extruder → Hydraulic Screen Changer → Die Face Cutting System → Water Cooling Tank → Dehydrator → Silo storage

Details Equipment name Function
Belt conveyor with metal detector Equipped with a metal detector to remove the metal material and sends plastic waste to the compactor
Shredder Compactor

Pre-cut by shredder.Automatic feeding system.Compactor cutter to improve feeding performance

Mother extruder Specially designed screw structure to melt pre-compacted materials, has better melting performance and higher output
Baby extruder
Hydraulic screen changer With pressure sensor to warning the operator to changing nets
Die face cutter

Die face cutting or strand noodle cutting optionally.The cutting speed is controlled by invert

Water cooling flume Made of stainless steel, in L shape cooling
Dewatering machine Vibration dryer combined with horizontal type centrifugal dryer to get well dried final granules
Vibrator screen Made of SUS 304, with double layers in 10mm and 2mm(to select pellets)
Packaing silo Made of stainless steel SUS304 and with hocks for big bags

Quality Assurance

Final moisture below 1%. Granules are uniform and in good looking.

Use world famous brand parts,like Siemens motor,Fuji Inverter,SKF bearing,Mesutronic metal detector,38CrMoA1A bimetal screw,etc.


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